Carpet Cleaning

We can provide one off or periodic carpet cleaning using an advanced hot water extraction carpet cleaning system. This results in clean, fresh and longer lasting carpets. We are also able to provide upholstery cleaning using our hot water extraction system. All of our carpet cleaning staff are fully trained and have years of experience using the equipment to ensure the best possible results. Having your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning machine ensures the colours often appear brighter and images clearer. Professional carpet cleaning can also help extend the life of both commercial and domestic carpets and rugs. Carpet Cleaning Machine The carpet cleaning machines we use are ProChem hot water soil extraction method machines.  The machine sprays a fine mist of clean hot water onto the selected area. It is then vacuumed up within the same machine seconds later. This cleans areas very effectively and allows large areas to dry quickly. The results are very clean carpets that smell fresh and are able to be walked on within a couple of hours of being cleaned. We also have warm air dryers that can be used to speed up the drying process.

We only use ProChem carpet cleaning machines and ProChem products to clean carpets and upholstery. ProChem is the leading carpet machine manufacturer and supplier of carpet cleaning products in the UK.